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The 2020 CARES Act overview

The CARES Act, overview The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, & Economic Stability Act was passed into Law as the largest stimulus legislation ever passed in the United States. There are several components within the law providing financial support in a variety of ways to a variety of citizens and businesses alike.

Many of our clients are eligible for one or more benefits afforded under the law. In many instances, the financial benefits are significant.

If you missed the LIVE webinar, this video is a recap of the discussion points. Due to a technical issue, we were not able to save the actual video from the webinar which had numerous positive comments. We will host another LIVE webinar to discuss further updates in the next 2 weeks. Please look for your invitation by email.

If you have specific questions, please reach out to your advisor or send us an email. We will follow up with you quickly. For more educational videos, check out our YouTube page.

- Adams Financial Team

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