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Retirement/Life Events

In life, we generally try to plan for specific events- things like retirement income, funding college, saving for long term health care costs, or funding big purchases like autos, homes and vacations.  
In nearly every life circumstance, there are opportunities to make decisions that could benefit from a well defined financial strategy.
Career Transition

Unemployment, Employer Benefits, Insurance Decisions

What to do when you lose your job? There are several things that you will want to address immediately.

Retirement Plan

Tracking Expenses, Identify Income Needs, Forecasting

There are many steps to develop and implement a successful retirement strategy.  

Mortgage Decisions

Payoff Mortgage, Refinance, Home Equity Line

Should I refinance or payoff?  This is one of the most commonly asked questions of the last decade.

Estate Planning

Healthcare Directives and Asset Transfer Directions

Keeping your estate plan current can help your beneficiaries and loved ones understand your wishes.

When to Insure

Does life insurance really make sense for you?

An example of needs that life insurance can satisfy include income replacement.

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