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Roadmap To Retirement

October 2018

45 minutes

Let us help plan the most exciting journey of your life. Join us as we travel through many different ideas and topics for a successful retirement.

Sometimes there is no substitute for live learning experiences. We host several live client presentations each year where we share views and strategies on pursuing financial goals. These events provide insight on investment markets, the impact of politics on your financial plan, tax issues that impact your portfolio, creative planning strategies, risk management techniques, and more.

A New Look for American Capitalism

August 2017

40 minutes

A non-political discussion that dives into the economic implications of President Trump's policy agenda items. The approach that is woven into many of these policy ideas may change the landscape of American economics. 

Starting Your Own Business, from Scratch

April 2016

33 minutes

Starting your own business can be very rewarding, but it also requires risks and many complex financial decisions.  If you are considering starting your own small business, this "Starting From Scratch" presentation can give you some great insights.

Taxes, Technology & Your Money

October 2014

66 minutes

Technology and taxes are having an increasing impact on our financial picture.  As our society evolves and becomes more complex, we are committed to providing state of the art solutions for your financial planning needs.


October 2013

42 minutes

A challenge for embarking on a successful retirement journey is nailing down an accurate long term budget. This session can help you anticipate future expenses so that you can have greater confidence in your retirement plan.

Investing Amidst Political Turmoil

October 2012

36 minutes

We discuss the implications of a change in policy makers, preparing for higher taxes, economics drivers that do not care who takes the oval office, and the game changers that not many people are talking about.

RISK - Real, Unavoidable, Necessary

February 2011

53 minutes

We discuss the concept of "risk parity" in which technology makes it possible to change desired levels of risk with rapidly changing market conditions.


Investing Big in a TINY House World

October 2016

43 minutes

We are currently living in a TINY House World where younger people are opting for smaller homes and simpler lifestyles than the Baby Boomers. Watch as we discuss these emerging trends and the potential impact on economics and investing.

The Great Noise

October 2015

56 minutes

When we hear something that triggers an emotional response, it tends to stick with us. If it is a strong enough response, we tend to pay closer attention to see if it may be real, act on it to change the potential outcome and share it with people that we want to protect.

7 Steps to Effective Financial Planning

June 2014

45 minutes

It seems like today most people in our culture don't end up where they thought they would with their finances.  We explore 7 commonly overlooked ingredients to implementing and maintaining a personal financial plan.

Factors for Prosperity

February 2013

22 minutes

There are many factors that are contributing to the continued improvement of corporate earnings and our economy.  We believe 2013 will be a year that these factors become more obvious to many.

7 Steps to Financial Commitment

February 2012

33 minutes

7 simple steps you can take to experience financial contentment. Although simple to understand, it can take a lifetime to develop the disclipline and values to adhear to these basic habits.

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