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Hurricane Relief Volunteer Day: 8 am - 4 pm

May 3rd, 2019

We will be traveling near Fayetteville, NC to work on homes affected by Hurricane Florence. There were many areas that were devastated due to Florence's substantial flooding throughout North Carolina in the fall of 2018. Our assigned task is to help install sheetrock and plywood flooring. 

The site is located at:

2407 Brinkley Drive

Spring Lake, NC 28390



1) Complete this Medical Release form 

2) Gloves

3) Knee pads

4) Closed toe shoes

5) Eye and mouth protection (glasses/goggles/mask)

6) Optional: Basic carpentry tools (such as: hammer, utility knife, wrecking bar, cordless drill, tape measure, pencil, tool belt)

7) Optional: waters, snack 

Click here to go to the Baptists on a Mission Hurricane Relief website. 

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