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2020 Q2 Market Outlook - webinar recap

2nd Quarter Market Outlook webinar notes: - Markets have become very volatile, Q1 had best and worst days since 1930's

- The Federal Government wages war on COVID-19

- JPMorgan estimates 50% of world population will have virus by mid-June

- Implications of Social Distancing on the Economy are systemic; investors should prepare

- In response, investors need to refocus on their individual investment goals

- For some, this means move more to cash, for others it means buy on pullbacks

- Our AFP trend strategies sell equity during market strength and add on weakness

- Our more Aggressive clients have more buy and hold core equity (not in trend strategies)

- Our more Conservative clients have more trend strategies (not in buy and hold core equity)

- Bond market showed 1st signs of distress & caused corporate bonds to sell at slight discounts

- We moved the majority bond exposure to US Government bonds to protect against further decay.

If you missed the LIVE webinar, this video is a recap of the discussion points. Due to a technical issue, we were not able to save the actual video from the webinar which had numerous positive comments. We will host another LIVE webinar to discuss further updates in the next 2 weeks. Please look for your invitation by email.

If you have specific questions, please reach out to your advisor or send us an email. We will follow up with you quickly. For more educational videos, check out our YouTube page.

- Adams Financial Team

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