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Sometimes Paying Taxes Isn't A Bad Thing

Tax planning during retirement can be complex. Often individuals (and CPAs for that matter) become focused on minimizing this year’s tax bill. This sounds like a good thing, but it is not the purpose of tax planning.

The purpose is to maximize your and your family's wealth. Usually this means minimizing taxes over time, but that may differ from just minimizing this year’s taxes.

Many retirees have assets held in retirement accounts that are taxed as the assets are withdrawn to cover expenses. A retiree may also have after-tax investment accounts, savings in money markets, CDs or even lines of credit. Deciding where to draw money from to cover expenses may be challenging and the choice might affect your taxes. Over time a retiree might avoid withdrawing money from an IRA to avoid paying taxes. However, in the future minimum distribution rules force withdrawals from the IRA, which can push the retiree into a higher tax bracket.

If you have pockets of money with different tax treatment, this should be discussed with your fina