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Our New Financial Learning Lab

We are excited to introduce our new Financial Learning Lab. The Lab provides classes focusing on various topics, allowing you to choose what financial education is relevant to you. Check out the Spring class offerings below.

Upcoming Classes: Maximizing Workplace Retirement March 21st & May 4th · 6:30-8:00pm Social Security: Smart Strategies for Boomers March 23rd & May 2nd · 6:30-8:00pm Generation Y-Smart Money Choices April 6th · 6:30-8:00pm

Classes will be hosted throughout the year and are designed to teach actionable financial planning strategies in a small group format.

All classes are limited to 15 people per session to ensure that sessions are interactive and help you make the most of your attendance.

We are committed to offering classes where we can provide meaningful financial education to our community. Please feel free to share with family, friends, and those in your neighborhood.

To register, visit the page on our website.

Best Regards, Lyn

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