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At Adams Financial, many of our associates are registered to offer securities through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC and are also Advisory Representatives of Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. 

Broker / Dealer Services

Our associates who are Registered Representatives of Cetera Advisor Networks LLC spend time with clients to understand their specific investment goals, risk preferences, and investment timelines. After this discovery process, we can provide investment education on a full array of investment products that may help clients better understand the features and benefits of publically offered investments.


Under regulatory requirements from the financial industry’s regulatory authority and required supervision from Cetera Advisor Networks LLC (the Registered Broker/Dealer), Registered Representatives make suitable investment recommendations based on the findings of their client interactions and their due diligence process. As a result of this regulation and oversight process, all recommended investments are required to be deemed suitable for the investor and made available at the lowest possible cost.

Click here to view the Cetera Advisor Networks LLC ADV Part 2A
When does an investment product solution make sense versus a managed account solution?


There are many specific situations where the total cost of utilizing a commission based investment product could be less expensive than paying an ongoing fee for service arrangement with an advisor. For example, if an investor has more of a “buy and hold” mentality, brokered investments that only require a one time acquisition cost could be more appropriate than managed account solutions.  Also, there are many products that are only offered “for sale” through Broker/Dealers that have unique provisions that may address unique needs for investors’ specific situations.



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