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Bright Ideas for a Bright Future:

25 Lessons from 25 Years

Ever had an idea that was so timely and so relevant, that it changed your life? 

Imagine if your job required you to get to know thousands of successful people over time. Each of these folks built their successes on really bright ideas. What if you took the time to write down many of the great ideas as you went along, and 25 years later, you picked the very best ones and wrote a book to share with the world?

Join us Tuesday, October 15th from 6:30-8:30p at The Umstead Ballroom in Cary, NC for a celebratory dinner commemorating Lyn's 25 years of serving our community as an advisor, public speaker, teacher, and mentor. We have a great program in store for you. While enjoying dinner, experience a fun and interactive presentation that will test your financial knowledge and wisdom as we unveil this "enlightening" collection of bright ideas (25 Lessons from 25 Years).

After dinner, you will receive a free copy of Lyn's new book, as well as info on how to share these ideas with your children, family, or friends.

Drinks & Appetizers begin at 6:30p

Location: Umstead Hotel, 100 Woodland Pond Dr - Cary, NC 27513

Please make us aware of any food allergies. 

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