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At Adams Financial, many of our associates are registered to offer securities through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC and are also Advisory Representatives of Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. 

Click here to view the Cetera Advisor Networks LLC ADV Part 2A

Investment Advisory Services

Under an investment advisory agreement, an advisor and a client agree to a system of managing investments in accordance to a written investment policy statement. The structure of these agreements can be a one-time service or an ongoing service contract.


The key element in understanding this type of service is that the client is paying an advisor to act as a fiduciary on their behalf. As such, the fiduciary standard exists to ensure that Investment Advisor Representatives work in accordance with the law and fiduciary standards ethically on behalf of the client.

When does an investment advisory solution make sense versus an investment product solution?


If you like the idea of having an ongoing relationship with an advisor in which your advisor is helping to monitor and adjust your investment mix to adapt to your changing needs and changing market dynamics, an investment advisory solution may be more appropriate.


If you seek more in depth consulting across multiple aspects of your financial affairs such as budgeting, income planning, risk management concepts, expense forecasting, buying versus renting, and general financial planning- particularly if these are ongoing needs, you may find an investment advisory solution to be more appropriate than a product based solution.

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